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Each player is unique; each instruction must be personalised to be effective


Each club in the different design. On the one hand, we have the length of the shafts, and on the other, the angle between the shaft and the ground when the entire base of the club head is resting on the ground. To a large extent, those differences in design determine the angle with which we must address the ball with each club, with the angle of attack being less steep with the short irons. As we play with a longer club, the angle of attack becomes steeper until we get to the the driver, which will be positive. For those reasons, the position of the ball must change with each club.

The question is how to measure the position of the ball, with respect to feet or shoulders? Traditionally, it is said that “the longer the club, the further the ball goes towards the left foot”, since it can be viewed more easily by the player. However, if we take into account the fact that the centre of the swing depends more on the centre of the body, and that the separation of the feet is different with each club and stroke, we can say that the position of the ball is more exact if it is measured with respect to the shoulders.

In this series, we can see how the ball is in the same place with respect to the feet, but not with respect to the shoulders.

In this series, we see the various positions of the ball with respect to the feet, from the drive to the short irons.

Control your ball position with respect to the centre of the body, allowing a club to fall from the centre of your shoulders; it is more reliable.

A change in the position of the ball is one of the simplest corrections. It can have an immediate effect – try it, and you will be surprised!